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Cause For Suspension

Guess who is starting the summer break early? This guy is. That’s who.

No, I was not fired, though a student or two wouldn’t mind that. It is just that, “Family comes first,” is more than just a saying, but something that should be practiced. So when the fam is in need, other things need to be put on hold. That means I’ll be quiet on the blogging and Twitter fronts, until my help is not as required by my family as they are at this moment.

But hey, this site is a well-stocked fridge, so please feel free to root around for something tasty while I’m gone.

Sleep tight, ya morons!

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Hobo Teacher

We’re teachers. We love teaching but, the thing is, it doesn’t really pay the bills. As a matter of fact, we picked up odd jobs along the way to help make ends meet. This really takes its toll when you add on the countless hours already spent at school, the lack of sunlight, and the […]Be Sociable, Share! Tweet read more