Hobo Teacher

We’re teachers. We love teaching but, the thing is, it doesn’t really pay the bills. As a matter of fact, we picked up odd jobs along the way to help make ends meet. This really takes its toll when you add on the countless hours already spent at school, the lack of sunlight, and the hazards of the job (Have you ever spent an hour and a half with 30 hormonal teenagers? Of course you have.).

You find yourself drawn to signs that promise, “Free samples!” Coupons become your best friend. Major decisions turn on a dime. Your social schedule is determined by how much change you have in the ashtray of your car.

It creeps up on you until eventually, you embrace your situation. You work through your twenty-minute lunch. You eat less. You sleep less. You take students’ work to bed with you. You bathe less. You shave less. You see “home” less. You become… Hobo Teacher.

And, often we resort to humor. We poke fun at the situation to make ourselves feel better. We laugh because a college degree does not equal a normal life. As ridiculous as this all sounds, it happens. So, is it so crazy to imagine Hobo Teacher?

But, Hobo Teacher isn’t beaten. He loves his job. He’s got his students. He’s got a place to sleep at night. He’s resourceful. And God bless him, for some reason, he loves his life.

Teachers can’t afford much, but they can afford to laugh.

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