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Classic HT: Grillz Seasoning

When I started out in this game, never in a million years did I think I would be combating grillz. They’re such a distraction. My kids are drawn to one another if the said other is sporting that mouth jewelry. Plus, they’re so attentive as the kid mumbles responses to their vast questions.

Where did you get it?

Can you eat with it?

Have you seen those ones that have the spinners? Ooh, and light up!

If only they were so attentive to my reading assignments. Maybe if I cover my books in fake gold and diamantes. I guess I could use a BeDazzler or something….

And it’s not like I’m going to confiscate the things either. Touching them would be like them giving me a tongue bath.

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Classic HT: Drop Dead

I hate the physics teachers. They always get to do cool lesson plan stuff, which the kids drool over, while I’m stuck teaching MLA.

This week is that egg drop thingy, where students build a device to encase an egg in and drop it from the roof of the school. What kid wouldn’t like the opportunity to hurl eggs at the campus?

The closest we English teachers ever got to something like that is having kids read empowering quotes and kick a soccer ball. And that was in a movie for goodness sakes! And we fall short there too. For example, even that one movie with the Latino math teacher had him splitting apples with a big knife.

Now if you will excuse me, I have a preposition water slide to build.

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Classic HT: Is It More Ludicrous Than a Breadbox?

I had a kid bring in a hand-held computerized version of 20 Questions to class today. Can you believe that? I’m not talking about a kid bringing something in that would distract students from their studies. Twenty of my students were fighting over that thing like it was the conch from The Lord of the Flies (The rest were asleep.). I know that happens.

I’m actually talking about this game selling. Are you telling me that people would prefer to pay for the chance to interact with a machine, rather than interact with another human for free?

No, it’s not ironic that I’m posting this on the Web for the faceless masses–you guys get me for free.

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