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Classic HT: El 15.000 Estudiante Marcha

Maybe some of you have been hearing the stories about the immigrant protests over certain reforms. Well, it looks like our kids have gotten involved. The word here is that more than 1500 students from this school district alone walked out and protested in front of city hall. We had a few from SLHS join in the festivities. I know this because the administration got on the PA and announced that any student leaving the school would be suspended, and teachers shouldn’t try to stop any students who try to leave.

Why would I try to stop them? This is more excitement I’ve seen since that time the squirrel got into the cafeteria. Besides, why should I really care if they leave or not? What are they missing? How to write a memo? Heck, I’d join the cause if I didn’t have to teach memos. Why doesn’t the state require me to teach something a little more up-to-date–like smoke signals or cave paintings?

Besides, it’s not like there was any lesson. My non-revolutionaries couldn’t stay calm after such an event. They had convulsions from excitement overload from that one time when the principal accidentally left the PA on and they could hear everything that was going on in his office, so you can just imagine how they were behaving after this little coup. They were bouncing off the walls. There was no way that I was going to get them calmed down.

FYI: In my observations, my students found the exodus either “tight” or “gay.” Are those the same thing? I’m a bit behind on the current lingo. All I know is every generation has to have a cause. I guess we were about due for another children’s crusade.

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Classic HT: A Pinky Situation

Guess what I read about over Spring Break? Over 26,000 teachers in California were given their pink slips because the state’s school districts have to adjust for an eight billion dollar cut in funding. Also the plan is that no class will have less than 36 students in each class. Nevermind the fact that those classrooms were most likely not built for 37 people, but this means courses that are on say an honors level, advanced placement or gifted and talented will be dissolved because they will not have the 36 student minimum.

Great. Nothing says preparing the leaders of tomorrow, today like limiting opportunities. They’re actually going to thin the heard by thickening it! Oh, and I had mentioned how the classrooms were not built for 37 people (36 students, plus a teacher). That’s if they end up keeping any teachers. You think I’m kidding, but the cuts didn’t stop there either. Plans are in place to cut libraries and counselors because let’s face it—what kid needs guidance or information?

And I almost forgot. The kids will also be sitting in filth. Janitors are to be goners too.

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Classic HT: A Cold Reception

So we got an e-mail from Borrish informing us that the workroom will be getting a new stainless steel refrigerator. I have to admit that I feel a bit a guilty about getting such a luxury with the school’s economic situation and all. Why didn’t we go a bit more—modest?

My feelings are fortified when Borrish’s e-mail includes, “Please get rid of any leftovers, moldy sandwiches and other items that have turned into science projects.” That’s all the more reason not to get a fancy appliance. It sounds like our delicacies would be more fitting in a cooler on the back of a bass fisher’s truck and not a fridge with something called a beverage chiller department.

Enjoy your Spring Break!

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