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Classic HT: What Will We Get Next Year? More Grading?

Yesterday was Teacher Appreciation Day. NOW GET BACK TO WORK!

The school, to show its appreciation, provided a barbecue on the patio behind the school during all lunches. Sounds nice, right? Right?

Two things:

1) The school is set up so that the patio and the cafeteria are separated by a giant wall of windows. Which means the students had a chance to observe us feeding. It was as if we were in some freakish, Twilight Zone like zoo. That’s not good for the appetite. That’s not good for anyone.

2) We only get 25 minutes for lunch already, so please–could you put us in a single line to wait for food so we can have even less time to eat? Sure, it’s less efficient, but why not just throw the meat on a table and let us go at it in a teacher free-for-all. This way, the zoo analogy above works all the better and the students could place wagers on which teacher gets the spare ribs, which teacher gets the last steak, and which teacher gets severely mauled battling it out for the last sausage link.

I’m sorry for the sarcasm, but I’m a little dizzy from hunger still. And coming from a hobo teacher–that’s really hungry.

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Classic HT: Technology At Its Worst

I apologize to those that need an HT fix at work and can’t get it. I myself tried to access the site from school because I had an experience that needed to be recorded immediately–too funny. Anyway, theSpringwood Lakes’ web-filtering software wouldn’t let me through. It classified me as an “adult” site! It also said Tinky-Winky was gay and that I couldn’t go swimming 30 minutes after eating.

Well, at least it said one of those things.

Maybe I should comply and go X-rated. You must be at least 18 to enter–any money exchanged is for time and time only and what we do with our time is between consenting Hobo Teachers.

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Classic HT: Around The Vend

Over the years I’ve shared incidents students have had with the vending machines. They’ve ranged from money issues to practical jokes. Well, teachers aren’t immune to run-ins with the damn things. Most frustrations come from the unit in the teachers’ lounge, since it’s the one we go to most. I don’t know. We just don’t use the other ones because students can see us. Let’s face it; we don’t want the kids to know our choice of snack cake. The more personal things they know about you, the creepier things are. Or at the very least, it becomes a shift in power. That’s just another piece of information that they’ve got their jack-a-ninny hands on. Maybe that’s just me.

Anyway, where was I? Oh, the vending machine in the teachers’ lounge…

While trying to get one of those individual bags of microwave popcorn from the vending machine, a teacher shattered the glass. Evidently, she was doing her best impression of a rhino ramming a safari Jeep out in the Serengeti because the popcorn did not fall from its spiral dispenser thingy after she put in her money. The damage was so severe that she cut herself and a piece of black butcher paper has been used to cover the glass portion until repairs can be made.

I wonder if the snacks are still back there? Don’t tell me that teachers don’t have the potential for some vending machine looting. Just reach back there when no one is looking. With that paper there you would be long gone before anyone noticed.

I hope not because I have a really fun idea. We could wager on what we were buying. It would go like this: I would walk up and tell everyone that I was going to select G6 and then fellow teachers would place their bets on what it would be. A Payday? Snowballs? Peanut butter crackers? Everyone would frantically try to get their bets into the one teacher playing the role of the bookie until he shouted, “No more bets!”

Doesn’t that sound exciting? I think it would be a real morale builder, plus a chance to supplement our incomes.

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